10 stunning images of Malta and Gozo from space

It’s not every day you get to see photos like this!

Crew members on the International Space Station have shared some fantastic aerial images of Malta and Gozo from space over the years.

NASA and the European Space Agency have also posted dozens of stunning shots of the Maltese Islands from their satellites.

Here are ten of the best:


Astronaut Paolo Nespoli views Malta and Sicily through a port hole

Malta and Gozo from a NASA weather satellite


Italy, Sicily and Malta at night by astronaut Paolo Nespoli


 A European Space Agency satellite view of Malta from 36,000 km above Earth


The Maltese Islands seen from the Sentinel-2A satellite


A cloudy day in Malta viewed from the International Space Station

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet‘s view of Valletta from the International Space Station


Malta captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2B satellite


Astronaut Luca Parmitano‘s 2013 view of Malta from the International Space Station


A close up night shot of Malta and Gozo from the International Space Ctation

What is the International Space Station?

Astronauts and cosmonauts are treated to unique views of our planet that most of us will never have the chance to see.

The International Space Station orbits our planet at a height of around 400km, meaning the space station makes around 16 trips around Earth every single day.

On clear nights in Malta, it’s actually possible to see the International Space Station pass overhead in the night sky.

NASA spokesman Rob Navias told 89.7 Bay: ‘It is the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up.

‘Visible to the naked eye, it looks like a fast-moving plane only much higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster!’

If you want to see the space station yourself, visit NASA’s Spot The Station site here.

The station was launched on 20 November 1998 and features a number of different modules built by the various nations involved in the project.

It has two main segments – the Russian Orbital Segment and the United States Orbital Segment – and is expected to operate until 2030.

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