10 reasons you need to grab the window seat on a flight to Malta

When it comes to choosing the best seat on the plane, it’s safe to say you should never opt for the aisle.

Not only does it reduce your chances of being hit by the flight attendant’s cart, but a window pick also offers some breathtaking views of Malta.

What better way to experience Mellieha Bay, Gozo or Valletta’s Grand Harbour from a distance?

Or to see the brightly-hued sea at Comino’s Blue Lagoon in an all new way?

Plus, we can’t think of a more awe-inspiring sight than that of Mdina sticking out above the clouds.

Some of the best aerial photographs of the Maltese Islands can be snapped from the comfort of your window seat.

We’ve picked some of the most stunning aerial shots of Malta from the award-winning Bay Easy Facebook page.

1. Three islands in one photo by Barney Scerri

2. Turkish Airlines pilot Emek Alkan shares a stunning view

3. Flight attendant Ross Mort blew us away with this shot

4. Malcolm Ricci captures a view of Gozo, Comino and Malta

5. Stefan Derbe shares a view of the Grand Harbour

6. Lexi Cassar captures all of the island in one amazing photo

7. Andre Xuereb shares a window seat view off the south coast

8. Lucas Buchda shares a beautiful view of Gozo

9. Mike Facchini catches a glimpse of Golden Bay and Riviera Bay

10. Pearl Focus catches a view of Malta through the clouds

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