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10 Puppies Rescued From Vans During Heatwave

puppies rescued


Up to ten dogs and puppies were found ‘half dead’ being left in vans on the hottest day on record.


On Tuesday, July 19, the dogs were travelling from France to the UK while the UK experienced 40°C weather.



The shipment’s transportation provider apologized for the event and admitted that it had committed an “error in judgment.”


puppies rescued


The event occurred while Whitstable, Kent resident Hannah Mason and her family were riding the P&O ferry from Calais.



“A lady raced by me looking for a member of staff as we were getting back into the car,” she recalled. A yellow Lab was on the ground and appeared to be close to death when I turned around.


puppies rescued


When I went to help, another man informed me that there were 10 of them in two vans. “I believed it was somebody’s pet that had reacted to the heat,” he said.



“Some of them couldn’t even lift up their own heads, they were half dead.”


Of the 10, three of them were critically unwell from the heat, but all were sent to the veterinarians as a precaution.


The company spokesman added: “We stayed at the vets until 1.30am this morning and the vet, who was absolutely fantastic, came to tell me that the three were stable and all should be able to go to their homes today.