10 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand


As many bookworms know, there’s more to life than everyday living – and sometimes, we just need to escape. That’s where the realm of books comes in, with several different worlds to explore and get lost in.

Especially in times like these, where you want to forget reality for a while, books can come in handy, but being a book lover comes with a price to pay sometimes…literally, I mean books can be pretty expensive.

So, if you’re a fellow book lover like me, here’s a few problems you’ve probably faced.



1. Feeling Empty After Finishing a Really Good Book


Feeling Nothing Feeling Empty GIF - FeelingNothing FeelingEmpty Bored GIFs


I mean, you should be able to call in sick into work because you’re mourning the end of a really good book.

2. The Urge to Buy New Books When You Already Have Plenty at Home

Bookworm culture consists of buying highly anticipated releases while having 5672482 books that you haven’t even read or touched yet. Not to mention your wish list is overflown, and you still struggle when it comes to deciding which book to read next… so many books, so little time…



3. And Then Running Out of Shelf Space…

So, you probably start piling up multiple books in random corners, but it’s okay, they’re just a part of your décor.


Books GIF - Books GIFs


4. Trying to Find a Reading Position That Doesn’t Get Uncomfortable After 4 Minutes


Thenotebook Ryangosling GIF - Thenotebook Ryangosling Rachelmcaddams GIFs


5. Doggy-Ears.




6. “Why don’t you buy a Kindle? It’s the exact same thing!”

I’ll start reading a Kindle when they make it smell like a book. It simply does not compare, I don’t care if it’s paper white!


Knaller Frauen Woman GIF - KnallerFrauen Woman Satisfied GIFs


7. Having a Person Ask You “what are you reading?” Whilst You’re Peacefully Reading…


Stitch Is Super Frustrated - Lilo & Stitch GIF - Frustrated Frustrating Stitch GIFs


If you speak to me when I’m reading, I will find a way to break into your home and force you to listen to my feelings until you agree never to invade the world I’m visiting ever again, thank you!



8. When People See The Movie Before or Instead of Reading the Book

Take a look at your life. Take a look at your choices.

9. Or worse, They Say The movie was better…

*instantly murders them inside my head*

10. Accidentally Dropping your Book on Your Face Whilst Reading


Ok GIF - Ok GIFs


Betrayed by your own bare hands! Especially if you lost the page you were on after dropping it!

This being said, with today being a public holiday, it might not be a bad idea to grab a book from your bookshelf and head out to somewhere with a killer view, with coffee in a comfy carry cup, and enjoy reading whilst taking in some fresh air!