10 Phrases We Write In Emails And What They REALLY Mean


Emails are wonderful things: they provide near-instant communication without you even having to open your mouth. However, there is a special language that is needed for this kind of communication so here are 10 phrases you’ve used and what you actually meant by them – (plus we celebrate Schitt’s Creek’s Success at the Emmys with a few GIFs from the hit show)

1. “Hope this Helps”

You’ve wasted enough of my time; now please stop bothering me and let this be the last email.


Girl Bye No GIF


2. “I see your point but…”

You are completely wrong and here’s why.


Schitts Creek No GIF by CBC


3. “Thanks in advance”

You better do what I asked you to do since I’m already expressing my gratitude to you.



4. “Kind Regards”

Whatever, bye.


go away goodbye GIF by CBC


5. “Kind Reminder”

This is the third time now; don’t you dare make me call you.


Nancy Pelosi Dont Mess With Me GIF


6. “Thanks”

You are a complete idiot and I hate you a bit.


gordon ramsey idiot GIF



7. “As I’m Sure You’re Aware…”

You definitely should be aware because I’ve told you over and over and if I have to tell you again, I might scream.


schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC


8. “As per my last email…”

There is no way I’m repeating what I told you before, so you better go back and read what I wrote to you.


Like I Said Schitts Creek GIF by CBC



9. “Look forward to hearing your thoughts…”

Not really too bothered about what you think, just tell me you agree with me.


Cookie Lyon Lucious GIF by Empire FOX


10. “Good Evening”

I want to make you know that you are making me write this email outside of my work hours.


email send GIF


BONUS: “Stay Safe”

Everyone else is saying it right now so I would feel rude not to.


Schitts Creek Goodbye GIF by CBC


Now tell us, which phrases have you used before?