10 Of The Highest-Grossing TV Series Of All Time


November 21st marks World Television Day, commemorating the first United Nations World Television Forum held in 1996! The forum was held to discuss the increasing importance of television in today’s changing world and today, in honour of that, we’ll be breaking down 10 of the best TV series of all time!



Game of Thrones



Based on a novel series by George R.R Martin, Game of Thrones follows the story of a medieval country’s civil war. When the story begins, a decade-long summer is ending, and winter looms as characters battle to claim the ‘Iron Throne’, aka, the seat of the king of the Seven Kingdoms.


Stranger Things



One of the highest-grossing Netflix TV series ever. Stranger Things tells the tale of a young boy who goes missing. As they search for the boy, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and a strange little girl.


The 100



Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, The 100 follows a spaceship accommodating humanity’s lone survivors dispatch 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth to determine its habitability in hopes of re-populating the planet.



Orange Is The New Black



Yet another Netflix series that has taken the world by storm is Orange Is The New Black, which is set in a women’s prison. The story is based around Piper Chapman, a woman whose past history with a drug dealer causes her to be sentenced to 15 months in prison.


The Big Bang Theory



Known as one of the best comedy series of all time, The Big Bang Theory is about brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, who are the kind of ‘beautiful minds’ that understand how the universe works. But that doesn’t mean they’re just as smart when it comes to social interaction, especially with women…


Black Mirror



Count on Netflix to create a blockbuster TV series! This sci-fi anthology series and six-time Emmy winner explores a distorted, high-tech near-future where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.


How To Get Away With Murder



One of the most renowned thrillers of all time is How To Get Away With Murder, which follows a group of ambitious law students and their impeccable yet mysterious criminal defence professor. But before they know it, they become entangled in a murder plot that will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives…





thank goodness for re-runs! | Friends characters, Friends moments, Friends tv show


You just know that Friends had to make it to the list! This iconic sitcom is based in Manhattan and follows 6 friends as they go through every life experience imaginable together: love, marriage, divorce, children, heartbreaks, new jobs, job losses – you name it, they’ve probably got it!


How I Met Your Mother



Following Friends is obviously How I Met Your Mother, which follows the adventures of Ted Mosby and his love life as a single man in New York. His stories are narrated by Bob Saget as Ted 25 years later as he tells them to his young kids.


Mr. Robot



Mr. Robot has just landed on Netflix here in Malta, and it follows a young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer by day and as a hacker by night. He finds himself at a crossroads when the mysterious leader of an underground hacker group recruits him to destroy the firm he is paid to protect.


What’s your favourite series of all time?