10 of the greatest Xlendi sunsets you’ll ever see

Who doesn’t love to sit and watch the sun go down?

The best thing about sunsets is that you’re never going to see two that are completely alike, even if you sit at exactly the same spot every day.

One of the best places to watch Mother Nature put on her nightly display is at the Gozo seaside resort of Xlendi.

In case you’re looking for some inspiration for your next sunset-spotting adventure in the Maltese Islands, here are 12 of the best Xlendi sunsets captured on Instagram.


1. Stunning sunset by Courtney Farrugia

2. Golden sunset by Victor Zammit

3. Dramatic sunset by Aaron Snyder

4. Yellow sunset by Trevor James

5. Awesome sunset by Gina Vella

6. Fiery sunset by Doriana Busuttil

7. Beautiful sunset by Stef Tanti

8. Awesome sunset by Mike Gordon

9. Spectacular sunset by Yanika Vella

10. Glowing sunset by Gina Vella

Bonus! Perfect sunset by Peter Russell

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