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10 Maltese Pjazzas Going Car-Free In New Incentive


On Tuesday, the Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government Josè Herrera and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Project Ian Borg announced the ‘Slow Streets’ scheme, which will see a sum of €344,085 being distributed to ten local councils around the island.


Republic Square, Valletta - Wikipedia


This comes almost a year after the scheme first launched in June 2020. By encouraging a move away from the use of private cars, ‘Slow Streets’ aims to facilitate safe and sustainable mobility in Maltese communities.



However, given that there is a constant debate between those who prioritise convenience and comfort and those who prioritise the environmental impacts of their modes of transport, a ‘change to our transport culture and a move towards intermodality is required’.


Seniors in a Maltese pjazza - Malta InsideOut


Urban studies were then carried out in over 40 localities, but until now, ten local councils have made the list: Msida, San Ġiljan, Iklin, Xewkija, Ħal Safi, Ħad Dingli, Gharghur, Naxxar, Fgura, and Munxar.



This project will enable these local councils to administer the grassroots approach for the project themselves, which as the President of the Association of Local Councils Mario Fava shared ‘is important that such projects, in the heart of the localities, should be carried out by the Local and Regional Councils because they really know the needs that exist in their communities’.


This scheme is meant to form part of the government’s larger effort to move Malta away from congested traffic streetscapes towards a healthier, greener, and more creative atmosphere!