10 Last Minute Non-Basic Costume Ideas for Carnival Weekend

So you’re going out this weekend and you still don’t know what to wear? I’ve got you covered with 10 NON-BASIC, easy costume ideas that are sure to impress the 500 devils and Indians running around you.

An X Factor Judge

… or if you want to make it a group costume, all four X Factor judges.

You’ll need:
Ray: a hat, sunglasses at all times
Howard: a waistcoat, occasionally scream WHAT
Ira: coloured contacts, draw on a permanent tear to wipe
Alex: a very poofy dress (improvisation is encouraged) and unpopular opinions

Kylie and Stormi

perhaps the most iconic phrase of 2019 needs Nadur representation

“Don’t touch me” woman

I apologise, this was without a doubt the most iconic line of 2019

You’ll need: a black wig, xenophobia, and lots of anger

A Twistee

You’ll need: an all-orange outfit

Pros: a delicious traditional snack, you’ll be like Eric from Sex Education

Cons: Maeve from Sex Education may mistake you for a Wotsit (but that’s basically a Twistee so this is basically a Pro)

Joe from YOU

While we’re on the topic of Netflix series …

You’ll need: a hat … that’s it

Pros: in true Joe fashion, you will become instantly invisible

Cons: people won’t be able to see your cool costume because of your invisibility

Billie Eilish

… for the carnival attendees that want to be covered from head to toe.

You’ll need: clothes that are at least five sizes too big, green hair spray colour (a carnival staple)

Pros: You will be very comfortable, food bumps will be invisible

Cons: You’ll be a bit of a shapeless blob (but that could very well be a pro)

Ariana Grande

… for the carnival attendees that want don’t really care about not wearing pants in public.

You’ll need: about 40 inches of hair and a big sweatshirt.

Pros: You get to not wear pants, spontaneous peeing will be very easy

Cons: not wearing pants in February is probably very cold

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