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10 top Malta photographers to follow on Instagram

Malta is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most photogenic islands, and nowhere is that more obvious than on Instagram.

Forget fashion influencers and foodies, it’s our stunning Xlendi sunsets, beautiful Golden Bay views and adorable narrow lanes in Mdina and Vittoriosa that pull in the followers from all over the world.

As one of the most beautiful islands in the Med, it comes as no surprise that Malta is home to hundreds of photography enthusiasts who feature regularly on our popular Bay Easy Facebook page.

Here are 10 of the best Malta-based photographers – in no particular order – who know how to wield a camera AND a smartphone.

We reckon you should start following them right now.


1. Josef Awad

Josef’s incredible photographs of Malta always spark a social media sensation. As well as being a brilliant photographer, Josef is a full-time dentist in St Paul’s Bay.


2. Lara Farrugia

Photography enthusiast Lara, 20, is a student at the University of Malta and enjoys ‘discovering every corner of the Maltese Islands one step at a time’.


3. Fritz Grimm

Fritz Grimm, 41, is German-born professional photographer who has lived in Malta for the past six years. He has spent the last three capturing Malta and Gozo’s captivating landscapes.


4. Matthew Benn

Matthew at Motion Lapse is a Malta-based travel and landscape photographer with a passion for long-exposures.


5. James Scicluna

When not busy studying medicine at the University of Malta, James is out and about taking photos of Malta. And he loves it.


6. Robert Muscat

Robert is a blogger and talented travel photographer who says he is ‘on a mission to see the world’.


7. Gabriella Lorentzson

Stylish Gabriella has almost 72,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her stunning pictures of sunny Malta.


8. Albert Camilleri

Albert’s passions range from politics to photography and anything in between.


9. Philippe Saliba

Philippe’s shots are always worth a look. He describes himself as a nurse, traveller, photographer and videographer.


10. Alex Turnbull

Alex is a dental student at the University of Malta as well as a part time freelance photographer.

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