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10 Gorgeous Photos from all Over the Maltese Islands

Lately we have come across an Instagram profile which we are falling in love with, as it offers some gorgeous images from all over the Maltese Islands, and beyond.

James Scicluna, a Maltese final-year Medical Student has photography as a hobby, and we feel nothing but an urge to tell him to continue.

Speaking to Bay, James said that his course “demands long hours both in hospital and studying at home.” He told us that he always tries to find time to take a few photos and hike, as it helps him to relax and unwind “and I would say is an essential part of my studying routine that I actively look forward to.”

That being said, many of his more recent shots have been sunrises, “because it enables me to go for a shoot and still make it time for morning hospital placements (traffic is a lot better at 5am).”


We couldn’t stick to just 10, so I am throwing another one, as a bonus.

James also told us that he thinks that the Maltese islands “are a rather unique subject for landscape photography because given the population density and extent of urban sprawl, it is often quite a challenge (but not impossible) to find unspoiled land. However, that is also what I find most rewarding, being able to show locals beautiful rural areas of Malta that they have never seen and hopefully encouraging them to visit. Away from all the roads and concrete, Malta is a very colourful place and full of character, all you have to do is know where to look!”

Keep it up James!