10 bizarre items found during Spinola Bay clean-up

It’s one of Malta’s most popular tourists resorts.

And now Spinola Bay in St Julian’s has been given a massive clean-up ahead of the winter months.

A team of 50 enthusiastic volunteers managed to collect a staggering 1.6 tonnes of rubbish from the seabed.

It took around 40 divers four hours to make a difference. 

Spinola Bay Clean Up

Spinola Clean Up organised by Żibel and No To Plastic Malta.Well done to Atlam Sub Aqua Club and CALYPSO SUB AQUA CLUB for joining together for this event!Special thanks to Dive Systems – Malta for providing the equipment for the dive.Within 2 hrs we gathered 1.6 tonne of rubbish from the bay. There were about 50 volunteers, 40 of which were diversRaniero's Adventures – Live Life also took part today, who also took video for the event.Thank you all for your support. We are all here to help our environment together!

Publiée par Raniero's Adventures – Live Life sur Dimanche 28 octobre 2018


During the clean up, divers uncovered all manner of bizarre objects.

Here are 10 of the most notable finds:

  1. Beer cans
  2. Plastic bags
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Christmas decorations
  5. A suitcase
  6. Car tyres
  7. Toys
  8. Cotton buds
  9. Plastic cutlery
  10. A baseball cap

The Spinola Bay clean up was organised by Żibel and No To Plastic Malta.

A number of diving clubs and St Julian’s-based businesses also got involved in the effort.

They included Atlam Sub Aqua Club, Dive Systems – Malta, Calypso Sub Aqua Club, Park Towers SupermarketsGululu Kcina MaltijaCafe’ CubaPokerStarsStrand Marine and Raniero’s Adventures – Live Life.

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